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A strategic approach to energy management allows an organisation to gain better understanding of its energy use. It can identify where and how to implement technologies, processes and practices that will decrease costs, improve profitability and reduce carbon emissions and waste.

What you need to know

The Strategic Case for Energy Management

Energy is an essential business input. A strategic approach to energy use can improve profitability, reduce environmental impacts and boost your corporate reputation.

Establishing an Energy Management System

Energy management requires an effective system to actively monitor, control and conserve the energy used by an organisation.

Energy Efficiency Assessments

Ideas to improve energy performance are discovered and validated through a rigorous analysis of energy use within the business.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities program

Information about the objectives of the now closed EEO program, how it was implemented, key results achieved, and information resources.

Energy Procurement

Negotiating a better deal for energy requires an understanding of how energy markets operate and how your demand profile impacts on the amount you are charged.

The Business Case and Beyond

Developing strategies to sell the business case is crucial to securing management support and funding for energy efficiency projects.