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Energy efficiency is good for business. It can reduce costs, improve your bottom line, boost productivity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to your company’s reputation as a socially responsible organisation.

Despite these and other benefits there can be many barriers to getting management support and the funding you need to implement energy efficiency projects.

The business case and beyond has been developed to help you improve the success-rate of your business case proposals for energy efficiency projects. The information draws on the input from 15 case study organisations and input from practitioners participating in Energy Efficiency Opportunities workshops in November 2010.

In this section we provide an overview of strategies that people found useful to improve the success of business case proposals for energy efficiency in their own organisations.

Flowchart showing a business planning process. Each step is described in the following text

Figure 1.1 -Key Factors in Improving Success of Business Case Proposals (Click for a larger version)

The information on this site includes the following: