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The following contacts may provide further information to support the implementation of energy management strategies. Contacts are listed in alphabetical order. To refine your search use the filters listed in the right hand column which categorise contacts by industry sector or technology type.

Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (AMCRC)

Phone: 61 3 9214 4780

The AMCRC plays a vital role in the development and delivery of cutting-edge technologies and a highly skilled workforce to keep Australian manufacturing industries globally competitive and sustainable.

AgriFood Skills Australia

Phone: 61 2 6163 7200

AgriFood Skills Australia aims to provide accurate industry intelligence on current and future skill needs and training requirements for the agrifood industry and is funded through the Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE)

Phone: 61 2 9514 2044

The Australian Alliance to Save Energy is a coalition of business, government and environmental leaders formed to drive research and advance the efficient use of energy in Australia and to investigate and promote the role of energy efficiency in reducing energy costs and improving liquid fuel energy security.

Australian Capital Territory Government

Phone: 13 22 81

The ACT Department of Environment and Sustainable Development manages all environment and energy-related programs and grants.

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

Phone: 61 2 6273 2311

ACCI is a key National Body representing business and industry organisations.

Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC)

Phone: 61 2 6273 1466

The Australian Food and Grocery Council is the national body representing Australia’s packaged food, drink and grocery products manufacturers.

Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA)

Phone: 61 2 6285 3833

The AFPA is the peak body representing forest products industries and was formed following a merger between the Australian Plantation Products and Paper Council (A3P) and the National Association of Forest Industries (NAFI).

Australian Industry Group (Ai Group)

Phone: 1800 648 859 or 61 2 9466 5566

The Ai Group is a key national body representing Australian business and industry.

Australian Institute of Energy (AIE)

Phone: 1800 629 945

The AIE is the industry body for professionals working across energy-related fields.

Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH)

Phone: 61 3 8623 3000

AIRAH is the industry body which represents the refrigeration, airconditioning and heating industries in Australia. They run HVAC energy efficiency courses, advocate to government on behalf of the industry and have developed best practice guides across a range of relevant technologies.

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA)

Phone: 61 2 6247 0960

The APPEA is a peak body representing Australia’s oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Australian Research Council (ARC)

Phone: 61 2 6287 6600

The ARC administers the National Competitive Grants Program and the Excellence in Research for Australia initiative.

Australian Steel Association (ASA)

Phone: 61 3 9882 1652

The ASA is an industry body representing Australian and New Zealand steel manufacturers, which promotes the use and open trade of steel in the region.

Australian Trucking Association (ATA)

Phone: 61 2 6253 6900

The ATA is the peak industry body representing trucking operators. The ATA’s members include major logistics companies, transport industry associations and businesses with leading expertise in truck technology.


Phone: 61 3 9948 0450

AutoCRC is working with business to develop cutting-edge, efficiency-based modelling, products and manufacturing techniques in the Australian automobile industry.

Automotive Industry Innovation Council (AIIC)

The Automotive Industry Innovation Council (AIIC) provides advice to the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science, Research and Tertiary Education and acts as an innovation advocate for the industry

Business Council of Australia (BCA)

Phone: 61 3 8664 2664

The national body representing the CEOs of 100 of Australia’s leading corporations.

Information for Australian businesses.

Clean Energy Council (CEC)

Phone: 61 3 9929 4100

The Clean Energy Council is a peak body representing Australia’s clean energy sector. It is an industry association and advocates on behalf of its membership in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency policy development.

Coalition for Eco Efficient Comminution (CEEC)

Phone: 61 4 2225 7425

The CEEC is an industry-based organisation committed to accelerating the implementation of eco-efficient comminution practices through promotion of supporting data and industry benefits.